Wise man

The Voice of Ghaan

Ghaan's in-character story

The humans are born, live and die. All things they learn, they forget, they remember them and again forget. The world is linear and the mind is limited.

But there are many hidden worlds behind the borders of time and space that we can't see...

Once, a man was born who rejected to believe only in things he can see, to see only things he can touch. His mind can look behind the mind's eye and see things that others can't imagine - he knows that the eternal God is not out there but inside himself, inside his own spirit. Although his own body can't travel, his mind can cross the borders of real and unreal. He knows this is an invaluable gift and he sends his voice to other worlds to communicate with other people, sometimes to lead them on Reaper's scythe, another time to help them. He expects no responses, no thanks because nobody is able to answer him.

Once, he went deeper in the meditation and found something strange... He found a new world, full of life, seeing hundreds of adventurers walking around - priests, knights, wizards, mages and hunters, dwarves, elves and humans minding their own bussines, fighting alone or in whole groups, slaying creatures and - dying.

So as an angel, escaping from heaven, he sent his own spirit into Aardwolf to remember them about forgotten dimensions; the voice of Ghaan will lead your steps...

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