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The Origin of Aardwolf

This is the original Aardwolf theme found in "help story".

The world has finally settled.
The great cataclysm is over.

After many years in peaceful existence the people in this world started to experiment with magical methods of travel. One great wizard stumbled across an ancient text which described a spell called The Great Portal. This wizard and his fellow mages studied this text until they believed they fully understood the nature of the great portal. A spell which would allow one to travel between worlds. On the day of Thunder the wizards set out to test this spell and gain fame and fortune. Little did they know that the spell was actually an evil device long ago created by the Demon Lord Valkur. Upon the casting of the spell the wizards stood in awe at the shimmering portal of light which opened before them.

Then a strange figure stepped through and gazed around. This figure smiled a wicked smile and with one point of his finger destroyed the wizards where they stood. Thus began the cataclysm! Valkur's demon hordes ravaged the land around the portal for days, bring mayhem and destruction to everything they could find. Word quickly spread to the Great Kingdoms of the land of the great bane the wizards had brought upon the world. Soon Solace, Ofcol, Thalos and Midgaard marched their armies of proud troops across the continent to battle this foe. The two forces met just to the west of the city of Solace.

The forces battled for two straight weeks, until the clerics and mages of the land gathered enough magical force to strike down the Demon Lord, but Valkur would not fall so easily as his body was being torn apart by the magics he attempted to destroy the world, but alas he did not have enough strength left after maintaining the strength of his army during the fight. Instead of destroying the world, he only managed to sever the massive continent into smaller fragments. The remainder of the demon forces scattered through out the newly formed western continent awaiting their lord's return. Even though the forces of good were victorious, Valkur's evil presence still looms over the world. Swamps and evil creatures arose from the dark woods and the great kingdom of Thalos sank into the sea leaving only a portion of the culture surviving. Some still say that Valkur was not destroyed on that glorious day, only that the wizards and clerics destroyed his body, leaving his evil soul to roam about the world seeking a way to return and exact his revenge.

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