Wise man

His Voice: Dark Followers

"The border between the good and the evil is thin. Nobody knows which side is the right side. This is only a question of your faith. The light is only a masquerade for the weaks - be good, othwerise you will be punished.

Follow my voice and I'll show you the freedom. Bring sacrifices to me and you will be rewarded. Darkness? Violence? The order may have many forms and my Dark Templars are not a latent community of blind servants. Not everyone is worthy to worship Zhamet. Your mind must see behind the borders of good and evil to see the fact - there is no border at all.

Don't kill in my name, I don't need a crowd of worshipping zombies - bring the souls, I need a river of fresh blood, that will flow through and clean the land from the contamination called 'light'. Spread my rituals and at the end you will be honoured. Choose your path - the darkness is the answer.

...but remember, your soul belongs to the clan."

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