Wise man

His Voice: Beyond the Truth

The world self specifies as the beginning even as the end, it doesn't bother about us - the world looks on us with empty eyes.

The human mind has tendencies to simplify everything, therefore we aren't telepaths... The human needs a walking-stick with that he explains the "miracle of life". If the infinity didn't exist, if we knew our future and we could forecast anything, then the life would get boring. The chaos as order! Why were we created by the God? Because there was nobody who could call him "my God", there was no-one who worshipped him. Me, my mind, myself has the power to create - and to destroy. We are that who forms this reality. Dak'kon teaches us: "Follow my voice, free yourself and get out of that shell!" We create the world - with our every single step, every decission we make, but these changes are unnoticed by the most people - they are blind, but they can't hear it, they are deaf, but they can't see it.

If I point to the sun with my finger, then from my sight, the finger is a part of the sun. Who can say something else? Let's look closer... Oh no, it's still only a finger.

And the truth? There is no such thing as the truth - depends on what side you stand. The question is: who wants to realize what is beyond the truth?

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