Dark Tower



Clan rules

  • We are a freedom based clan, we enjoy eachother's company, we joke, we raid together, we help others. Always keep the clan spirit.
  • Do not break Aardwolf general rules.
  • Reply to notes and clan channel.
  • Show your fellow clannies respect.
  • Don't ever give out information about our clan maze or clan equipment.
  • Keep track of your clan transporter, you will receive one after joining.
  • What is said on clan channel stays on clan channel, this also goes for what is posted on Personal board.
  • We accept alternate characters (alts) only if you have maxed or near maxed main character. Our intention is to develop a strong clan with strong characters. Rank of the alt is same as rank of the main character. Demotions/promotions apply on both characters. If you outcast, all your alts are automatically outcasted, too. We are not accepting alts in a different clan.

Clan rituals

  • The ritual starts the first day of the month at midnight MUD system time.
  • The ritual lasts for 21 days.
  • The ritual has a goal to achieve.
  • The result of the ritual is revealed to members within 3 days after it ends.
  • We keep history of results of all rituals on the web page.
  • The clan member ranks are determined by their participation in last three rituals and/or by their overall performance in the clan and on Aardwolf.


How to apply to Rhabdo Rana?

The applicant should post a note to "Rhabdo" on personal board with some small details about him/herself. Details should include which clan the applicant has been in before and reason for outcasting. Please, try also describe why you want to join us and how you can contribute to Rhabdo. Honesty is much more appreciated than when we later find out you lied.

If you want, add a short character story.

The first week is very important for an applicant to try to get in touch with the recruiters and get an interview. Note that you can be interviewed by any Rhabdo member and any Rhabdo member can recommend you to reruit or not, but the final decission to make is up to the recruitment staff.

Joining requirements

  • If you wish to apply to Rhabdo Rana you need to be at least level 1 and multiclass player with 7 classes (7x remort).
  • You should leave some kind of impression - meaning some additional skill, for example acquired at least 40,000 QP, 30 war wins, 5M gold coins donated, completing a task by recruiter very quickly, etc. It's fully up to you what impression you leave, this is not an obligatory requirement, just an example.
    We would like to learn about you as much as possible, the way you introduce yourself is only in your hands.

Current recruitment staff:

 Redryn,  Reich,  Akhenaton,  Avandar,  Seanjac,

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